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Project Description:


Building renovation can have numerous social, environmental, and economic benefits, making it a unique opportunity to achieve climate neutrality. It is estimated that by 2050, 97% of all buildings will need to be renovated. However, the current annual renovation rate in the EU is low, around 1%. The main barriers to energy efficiency include lack of financing, split incentives between owners and tenants, lack of knowledge about current consumption, and lack of information about renovation measures. Building owners often lack the expertise to make decisions and require professional assistance.


The general objective of this project is to establish and organize One Stop Shops for homeowners and experts, serving as a central point for all key information and guidance for the successful implementation of energy renovation.


The project will involve:


  • One Stop Shop in Zagreb – based on the existing Energy Poverty Reduction Center
  • One Stop Shop in Križevci – upgrade of the existing center
  1. an online platform that will serve as a virtual marketplace



The Croatian Green Building Council is one of the project partners and will contribute to the project by participating in the following activities:




Contracts will define standard terms and procedures applied during the renovation process, including types of work, deadlines, prices, responsibilities, and more. Additionally, they will ensure transparency and clarity among all parties involved, facilitating the negotiation and execution of renovations.





The platform will have separate sections dedicated to energy renovation of single-family houses and multiapartment buildings. It will provide information on open calls for renovation, financial instruments, renovation advice, and information on all relevant experts needed in the renovation process. There will be a separate section where all energy renovation service providers can showcase their services and products and provide contact information for collaboration with investors.




The project will provide concrete solutions for the energy renovation of single-family houses and multiapartment buildings in Croatia, resulting in increased energy efficiency, reduced energy consumption and CO2 emissions, and paving the way towards nearly zero-energy consumption.

For more information visit page of the project.

Project duration:

2023. –  2027.


967.387,00 EUR / GBC Croatia share: 295.641,00 EUR

Društvo za oblikovanje održivog razvoja (DOOR) - COORDINATOR
KLIK, energetska zadruga

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