Hrvatski savjet za zelenu gradnju

Finalized projects

The Green Building Council Croatia (GBC Croatia) has successfully implemented internationally funded projects for years, promoting a sustainable built environment in Croatia. Supported by funding sources like Horizon2020, LIFE, EUKI, IKEA Foundation, and Laudes Foundation, these projects have raised stakeholders’ awareness about sustainable construction and provided specialized education to facilitate practical implementation of sustainable solutions.


GBC Croatia’s completed projects have significantly influenced the Croatian construction market by increasing awareness of sustainable construction, developing necessary skills and knowledge, and fostering positive changes in the industry. The Council has completed 10 projects advocating for low-carbon development, researching market situations, educating stakeholders involved in energy renovations of culturally protected heritage buildings and multi-apartment complexes, promoting green public procurement, and considering buildings’ lifecycle impact on the environment. These achievements highlight the scope of GBC Croatia’s ambitions in achieving its goals.

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