Hrvatski savjet za zelenu gradnju

Retrofit HUB

Retrofit HUB

Funding source:

European Climate Initiative (EUKI)


Project duration:

2021 – 2023



  • GBC Croatia
  • GBC Poland
  • GBC Hungary



570.689,34 EUR / CGBC’s share: 221.063,00 EUR


Project description:

The Retrofit HUB emphasizes the importance of educating and connecting key groups, including building users (tenants), tenant representatives, property/facility managers, local government representatives, experts from the private sector, association representatives, students, and the general public.


The project activities will focus on educating and raising awareness among these stakeholders about the ways to implement retrofit initiatives, the process, application and implementation procedures, installations, materials, and quality verification methods for retrofit work. It will highlight the benefits of energy retrofit, emphasizing its impact on climate, climate resilience, adaptation, and explaining energy efficiency. A market analysis conducted by relevant experts will provide an up-to-date overview of the advantages and disadvantages of previous energy retrofit initiatives in multi-unit residential buildings in a common review of previous retrofit practices.


Implementation of project activities:

1) On December 8, 2021, the Kick-off meeting of the project coordinator and partners was held, where task allocation and the course of planned activities were determined.

2) During January and February of 2022, project partners established contact with relevant stakeholders, residents representatives, building managers, designers, and energy renovation contractors, as well as the ministry representatives.


3) From March to May 2022, interviews were conducted with stakeholders about the challenges of efficiently implementing energy renovations in multi-residential buildings. Discussions were held regarding co-financing and other financial instruments to support renovation implementation. Additionally, there were discussions about the challenges in communication between residents’ representatives and building managers and the direction of action through project activities in the upcoming period.

4) The conclusions of the conducted interviews have been compiled in a document International Overview of current practices. The document is a work in progress and will be supplemented with conclusions obtained from the meetings of the NFG (National Focus Groups).


5) The first NFG meeting was held as part of the Annual Summer Workshop (July 6, 2022), where all GBC activities were introduced, and participants had the opportunity to discuss topics related to decarbonizing the construction sector (within the Building Life project) and the challenges of energy renovation in multi-residential buildings (within the Retrofit HUB project).


Participants, GBC members, and partners reached a consensus on the importance of educating co-owners and building managers. Some emphasized that building managers should have greater responsibilities in management, while others highlighted the challenges related to renovation subsidies and issues associated with private ownership that slow down renovation efforts. Additionally, participants recognized the need for making renovation a legal obligation and emphasized the importance of addressing the issue of energy poverty, with some participants mentioning that the ministry has initiated a pilot project for citizens at risk of energy poverty. During the meeting, it was underscored that there is a requirement for educating experts, energy renovation designers, and contractors in the implementation of sustainable technical solutions and renewable energy sources (RES).

The implementation of activities within the project is ongoing, and during the autumn of 2022, two more NFG meetings will be held. These meetings will bring together a smaller group of targeted stakeholders involved in the energy renovation process of multi-residential buildings to gain insight into the actual education needs of co-owners, managers, and experts.


To participate in the upcoming activities of the Retrofit HUB project and for more information, please contact the following:

Aleksandar Jelovac:

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