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The built environment is facing two major challenges: becoming more sustainable and more “people-centric” to improve individual well-being and social cohesion while delivering an efficient answer to climate change and biodiversity reduction. To overcome these challenges, combined technological and social innovations are needed.

Project Description:


The NEBULA project represents an innovative initiative aimed at transforming the construction sector through the establishment of a strong network of innovators. Under the sponsorship of the Built4People Partnership, NEBULA will shape Innovation Clusters for Built4People (B4PICs) to promote and disseminate innovations across Europe.


Within three years, the goal is to establish five to seven B4PICs in key European markets. This network will serve as the foundation for the accelerated implementation of innovative solutions that support the ideas of the New European Bauhaus initiative. Through enhanced visibility, adoption, and acceptance of innovative approaches, as well as intensive cross-sectoral learning and collaboration, NEBULA will create an environment that fosters rapid transformation of the construction sector.


NEBULA will not only connect innovators and facilitate the exchange of ideas but also support the growth of new clusters to become models of excellence, inspiring future innovators and contributing to the overall progress of the construction sector in Europe.


The Croatian Green Building Council is associated with the role of the World Green Building Council, where it will carry out communication and dissemination activities.

Project duration:

2022.– 2025.


1.019.908,75 EUR / GBC Croatia share : 11.375,00 EUR

Dowel Innovation - KOORDINATOR
R2M Solution
Conseil des Architectes d’EuropeR2M Solution
Nobatek Inef 4
European Construction, Built Environment and Energy Efficient Buildings Technology Platform
WorldGBC Europe
Fundacion Tecnalia Research & Innovation

The NEBULA project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon Europe research and innovation programme under Grant Agreement No 101079859.

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