Hrvatski savjet za zelenu gradnju



Funding source:

Horizon 2020 program of the European Commission


Project duration:

2022 – 2027



The project is bringing together multidisciplinary consortium of 47 partners from 13 countries, encompassing various organizations, local authorities, technological, engineering, and construction companies. The collaboration is aiming to conceive and implement measurable solutions for urban regeneration that are meeting the sustainability standards set by the European Green Deal.



25.252.011,25 EUR / CGBC’s share: 113.337,50 EUR


Project description:

The goal of the Probono project is to carry out urban revitalization in six European cities according to the most demanding sustainability standards outlined in the European Green Deal.


The project is focused on developing pilot projects utilising innovative technologies for designing, constructing, and managing green neighborhoods with zero emissions in Madrid, Dublin, Porto, Brussels, Aarhus, and Prague.


A comprehensive framework will be created for the development and implementation of digital twins – a platform based on enriched Building Information Modeling (BIM) and accompanying toolsets to support decision-making in the context of renovation. This includes “hard” criteria for safety and protection as well as “soft” human-centric criteria related to experience, comfort and environmental behavior.


The project also aims to develop methodologies and solutions for integration into individual buildings and the creation of green neighborhoods that are not only CO2-neutral but also have a positive energy balance (generating more energy than they consume).

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