Hrvatski savjet za zelenu gradnju



Project Description:

The TOP CLeveR project provides support to professionals and workers in the construction sector to equip them with the skills needed to address challenges associated with carbon dioxide emissions throughout the lifespan of a building and the application of circular economy principles. The goal is also to facilitate the adoption and implementation of the Level(s) framework among all value chain participants.


The project will develop and pilot innovative educational programs tailored for both white-collar and blue-collar workers, with a special focus on encouraging young people to pursue careers in the construction sector. The project also places a strong emphasis on promoting the role of women in the construction industry, aiming to increase the visibility of female professionals and workers and highlighting the importance of gender equality within the industry.


Six countries are involved: Italy, leading the consortium, Hungary, Poland, Spain, Slovenia, and Croatia, giving the project a broad European perspective.


Additionally, the initiative includes creating a global platform on the WorldGBC website. This platform will be dedicated to collecting and sharing knowledge and educational resources from the green building world, providing access to information and best practices from across Europe and the world, thereby promoting international cooperation and knowledge exchange.


To ensure the long-term sustainability and applicability of the project’s results in practice, partner organizations will develop detailed business plans. These plans will cover strategies for implementing the acquired knowledge and practices within the construction sector, as well as guidelines for continuing project activities after its official completion, ensuring the initiative’s lasting impact on the industry.

More informations about the project you can find in TOP CleveR brochure:

Project duration:

2023.– 2026.


1.031.319,5 EUR / GBC Croatia share: 144.450,00 EUR

World Green Building Council
Polish Green Building Council
Hungary Green Building Council
Green Building Council Slovenia
Green Building Council Italia
Green Building Council España
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