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Certification costs

Description of Certification Fees

Certification fees cover all costs associated with the engagement of the Croatia Green Building Council (referred to hereinafter as GBC) throughout the entire certification process.


In addition to the GBC fee (for certificate issuance), additional costs should be factored in for the consultant’s documentation preparation service (which is not included in this fee schedule).


Consultant service costs may vary depending on the project and the services rendered. After project registration, the client and GBC sign a contract.


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Explanation of certification fees

Certification fees include management of the entire certification process by GBC. The above includes the credibility check (pre-certificate) and the first two rounds of conformity check (certificate). If the consultant or client wants further verification of documents, GBC will charge an additional fee of € 1,600 (+ VAT) for a maximum of 10 criteria. € 400 (+VAT) will be charged for each additional criterion that needs to be checked. Compliance verification can only be carried out after all certification fees have been paid in advance. Please check the fee amount with the consultants/auditors.


In addition, statutory tax (VAT) is payable on all certification fees. A discount for GBC members is granted if the client or project applicant is a GBC member.

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Fees are calculated according to the construction (gross) area. The construction (gross) area of the building is the sum of the areas measured at the floor level of all parts (floors) of the building (Po, S, Pr, K, Pk) determined according to the external measurements of the perimeter walls with coverings, except for the area of the external elevator that is added to the existing building, and which is calculated in the manner prescribed by the Spatial Planning Act and the regulation adopted on the basis of that Act.


Registration for the pre-certificate and the certificate takes place at the same time.

Fees are charged in stages defined by the contract between the client and GBC.


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