Hrvatski savjet za zelenu gradnju

Certification procedure

The DGNB certification system provides invaluable assistance to investors from the conceptualization stage, enabling the early detection of flaws and shortcomings. This support continues throughout the project until its final completion, ensuring that the outcomes are both measurable and transparent.

The documentation preparation for obtaining the DGNB certificate runs concurrently with the design process and other preparatory activities that precede the acquisition of building permits and actual construction. The procedure consists of the following steps:

1. The investor (or owner of the project) identifies a suitable consultant responsible for overseeing the DGNB certification process on behalf of the client. The consultant offers support from project registration to the completion of the entire certification process. The consultant’s fees are covered by the investor. You can find a list of authorized DGNB consultants in the Republic of Croatia here.

Registered Croatian consultants are listed in the official DGNB database. The provided link directs you to the DGBN Consultants database, where you can choose Croatia under the Country category. After selecting ‘Search & filter,’ the system will filter all Croatian consultants. Contact a consultant and initiate the certification process for your project.

The client concludes a contract with the DGNB consultant and sends the information about the intention of the certification to the Green Building Council  (GBC Croatia) to the e-mail


2. Consultants initiate project registration within the database.

3. GBC Croatia and the client enter into a contract outlining the responsibilities of both parties and the cost of compliance verification and issuance of the DGNB certificate.

4. After preparing the necessary documentation for certification, the consultant submits it to GBC Croatia for quality verification.

    GBC  Croatia reviews the project documentation and checks its compliance with DGNB certification rules. If necessary, the DGNB consultant is asked for clarifications and additional  


5. If the submitted documentation meets DGNB criteria, GBC Croatia issues an invoice to the client and subsequently issues the DGNB certificate for the registered project.

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