Hrvatski savjet za zelenu gradnju

DGNB system in Croatia

The DGNB certification system is a comprehensive planning and optimization tool with a holistic approach. It goes beyond considering just the environmental aspects of a building, neighborhood, or interior; it equally takes into account the social and economic aspects.



This system is aligned with European standards and norms, eliminating the need for documentation adjustments for the European market compared to other global certification systems.


What sets the DGNB system apart is its evaluation of the entire life cycle of buildings, including the planning, construction, use, and demolition phases (Life Cycle Assessment – LCA), as well as the assessment of life cycle costs (Life Cycle Cost – LCC).



Furthermore, the system complies with the European Taxonomy Regulation, which establishes a classification framework and criteria for assessing the sustainability of future economic activities. Unlike other global certification systems, compliance with the European market does not require documentation adjustments.



The Green Building Council Croatia is developing a version of the system tailored to the Croatian market and offers training for future consultants as an official Academy Partner.


The system is currently undergoing adaptation for the Croatian market, and a PILOT PHASE is in progress, providing significant benefits for clients and consultants.

Register your project for certification as soon as possible, and together, let’s shape a sustainable future!

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