Hrvatski savjet za zelenu gradnju

BuildingLife II

BuildingLife II

Funding Source:

Laudes Foundation, IKEA Foundation


Project duration:

2023 – 2026



  1. GBC Croatia
  2. GBC Poland
  3. GBC Hungary
  4. GBC United Kingdom
  5. GBC Finland
  6. GBC Spain
  7. GBC Ireland
  8. GBC Italy
  9. GBC Germany
  10. GBC France
  11. GBC Netherlands
  12. GBC Czech Republic
  13. GBC Norway
  14. ERN


Project Description:

Continuation of the Building Life project from its initial phase involves collaboration with GBC across Europe. The project’s objective is to implement the Roadmap by engaging GBC members in measuring, monitoring, and reporting their progress in implementing decarbonization measures, such as greening portfolios, adopting technologies and products with reduced CO2 emissions, conducting life cycle analysis, and performing cost analysis.

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